DXi V1000 Firmware Image Update

DXi V1000 Firmware Image Update

DXi V1000 Firmware Image Update

Version 2.3.4

The newest version of our award winning DXi V1000 is now available for immediate download, version 2.3.4 This update is easy, fast and requires little downtime to your DXi V1000.

DXi V1000 End User License Agreement

 I agree to Quantum's End User License Agreement.

This newest version has some exciting new features and enhancements including:

  • Web Browser Compatibility – Access the DXi Remote Management Console using Google Chrome, in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Help Menu – Quickly access documentation and learning resources on Quantum.com, as well as the built-in online help, using the Help drop-down menu.
  • Multiple Replication Targets – Replicate data from a source DXi system to up to two target DXi systems. Each share or partition can be configured individually to replicate to one or both targets, and replication can be paused per target.
  • Replication Send Page – The redesigned Replication > Send page lets you easily manage data replication for all shares or partitions. In addition, you can quickly enable or disable replication for one or more shares or partitions.
  • OST Status Page – The enhanced Status > OST page provides statistics for recent OST optimized duplication as well as DXi Accent activity.
  • Replication Configuration Page – The redesigned Configuration > Replication page allows you to manage both replication targets and sources using a single, unified interface.
  • Increased Replication Snapshots – You can retain up to 32 snapshots for each share or partition configured for replication.
  • Scheduler Page – The redesigned Configuration > Scheduler page provides tools for quickly adding a new scheduled event, as well as for managing schedules for multiple shares or partitions.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) – You can specify a NAT IP address for the DXi to enable replication across a public network, when the source and target are located behind NAT-enabled routers.
  • Software Upgrade Utility – The Software Upgrade Utility can automatically check for software upgrades for your DXi system. If an upgrade is found, you can choose to download and install it to update your DXi to the latest software version.
  • Chargeback Reporting – DXi Advanced Reporting enables per share reporting, also called chargeback reporting. Using the chargeback reports, you can see ingest, incoming replication, and outgoing replication statistics for individual CIFS/NFS shares, OST LSUs, or VTL partitions.

UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS for version 2.3.4

To upgrade, follow the steps below. Additional upgrade information can be found in the DXi V-Series Users Guide for DXi software version you are currently running. This is located at http://www.quantum.com/DXiV-SeriesDocs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

DXi V1000 and V4000 Enterprise Edition user's may contact Quantum Support at 1-800-284-5101.
DXi V1000 Standard Edition user's may receive support from Forum-V at

Internet connectivity is required for your DXi V1000 or V4000 to obtain your software license.

  1. After agreeing to Quantum's End User License Agreement, click on the button: Download DXi V1000 Firmware Upgrade File. (Note: the file will end with ".FW.ZIP")
  2. Unzip so that the .FW file is saved on your machine
  3. Using your browser, connect to your DXi V1000 or V4000 system and navigate to Utilities -> Software Upgrade
  4. Click the Choose File button and pick the firmware image (.FW) file that you downloaded
  5. Click the Upload button followed by the Start button to begin the firmware image update
  6. When completed, you will be asked to activate the image by clicking OK
  7. You may need to clear any Administrative Alerts by following the instructions on the screen. (You may need to navigate to the Admin Alerts page. Return to the Utilities -> Software Upgrade screen when done)
  8. Click the Activate button to confirm and follow the prompts.
  9. Once activated, the DXi V1000 or V4000 will automatically reboot, obtain any necessary software license keys and be operational again. (Note: It may take several minutes before the system reboots)
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