Free Virtual Backup Appliance

Free Virtual Backup Appliance

3 Easy Steps to DXi V1000 Standard Edition

  1. Download

    Click on the link below to download DXi V1000 Standard Edition. The file size is rather large (2.75GB) so please make sure that you allocate enough space and time to save the software to your target drive.

    DXi V1000 Standard Edition
  2. Install the Software with Your Product Key
    You will receive an email with your product key. During the installation process, you will be prompted for this key, so have the email accessible.

  3. Join the Support Forum
    Forum V is our Community Support Forum for vmPRO Standard Edition. You will receive an email from Forum V with a link to join. You will be able to access support documents, chat with peers, and get help from Quantum staff.

    Join Forum V today

Thank you for your interest in Quantum DXi V1000 Standard Edition.

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