Free Virtual Backup Appliance

Free Virtual Backup Appliance

Free DXi V1000 Download

Virtual Deduplication Appliance

Quantum's DXi V1000 is the first solution in the industry to combine the power and flexibility of target-based deduplication with the simplicity and affordability of a virtual appliance using the IT infrastructure already in place.

DXi V1000 offers:

  • Store up to 15TB of data with deduplication
  • Full-Featured DXi technology in a virtual appliance
  • No time restraints

For additional capacity and support options you may purchase the DXi V2000 with 1 - 8TB capacity licensed.

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  • Store 15TB of data with deduplication
  • Secure replication to other DXi solutions for complete DR
  • Retain 6-8 weeks worth of data with DXi deduplication
  • Virtual appliance model makes deployment easy and cost effective
  • Support provided by Quantum Forum V online support
  • Upgrade more capacity seamlessly and easily

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